Worst Sports Franchise: Golden State Warriors

16 12 2009

Let’s start with this:  The Warriors are my squad in the NBA. However, these days the only entertainment they provide comes from the comedy that is the depths of their organizational ineptitude.

Tim Kawakami, columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, writes a blog about Bay Area sports called “Talking Points” to complement his columns, and frequently is the information source for the comedy I allude to above. I’d have to guess that he has turned to this comedic form of entertainment from the team based on the tone of his posts.  Click here to check out the full post about the Warriors latest ridiculous decision to essentially put all players on the trading block, but his commentary on the merits of this choice by the Warriors’ brass is priceless:

You know the Warriors: They’ll ALWAYS make the best deals possible! (Belinelli for George; Harrington for Crawford; Crawford for Claxton and Law. Wonderful.)

The Warriors are a disturbingly inept sports business, though they may very well be a successful business from the standpoint of revenues.  The problem with franchises run as though they are a Wal-Mart (cut costs at every turn, including with dollars allocated to the personnel that do the actual work) is that they miss the point that a sports franchise that wins is so much more profitable.  Ask Mark Cuban in Dallas, ask George Steinbrenner, ask John Henry or Robert Kraft in Boston. Franchises take in more dollars when they go to the playoffs and host more games, and merchandise and tickets are going to be much more attractive in the future for winning franchises.

I won’t go so far as to say that running a sports franchise, and creating a winning organization is easy, but I will say that it’s not rocket science and is very accomplishable if those that don’t know anything about the sport stay out of the way, and let the those that do perform the duties assigned to them. That’s a business and management philosophy that’s universal – Mr. Cohan and Mr. Rowell, PAY ATTENTION!




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